The information that was to be delivered at this workshop will be appearing in the Stock Journal in the coming weeks.

In addition, a video created by Agriculture Victoria Climate Specialist Graeme Anderson, specifically for the Bordertown area, with a local seasonal forecast that was to be presented at the workshop, is available online for you to view.

The 20 minute video presentation (a great summary to watch while you have a cuppa!) shows the long term rainfall record for Bordertown, looking at any recent trends and the influence of climate drivers such as El Nino/La Nina and Indian Ocean Dipole on winter/spring rainfall at Bordertown.

For farmers interested in monthly updates on these influencers of wetter and drier springs, Agriculture Victoria produces ‘The Break’ monthly: seasonal updates, with an e-newsletter and also a 4-minute YouTube video summary.

Here’s the latest version of the YouTube update. The sessions end with a bit of humour or an analogy- so check out the current version to see what you think.
It’s free to subscribe via email: . While Victoria focused, the commentary on larger scale climate drivers is every bit as relevant to farmers at Bordertown.